Jazz Open Day 9Th Nov 2023

Jazz Open Day, Thu 9th Nov – FREE

🎵🎷 Unleashing the Future of Jazz: Jazz Open Day, November 9th, 2023! 🎷🎵

Get ready for an electrifying evening of jazz that promises to redefine your musical horizons! On Thursday, November 9th, 2023, the Lincoln Jazz Cafe proudly presents an exceptional lineup that embodies the past, present, and future of this timeless genre.

Kempner/Evans Duo: Shaping Tomorrow’s Jazz Today! 🌟 [5-8 pm] Formed in 2022 at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Ben Kempner and Nathaniel Evans breathe new life into jazz classics. Inspired by legendary duos like Coltrane/Ali and Braxton/Roach, they infuse beloved bebop and contemporary tunes with a unique sense of time and harmony. These young talents are at the heart of Birmingham’s jazz scene, gracing stages at prestigious venues like Eastside Jazz Club and Symphony Hall. Now, through this collaboration, they’re ready to spread Birmingham jazz across the UK. Prepare for an evening of dynamic jazz arrangements and witness the future of this evolving genre! Expect 5 enthralling 20-minute sets, interspersed with brief 20-minute interludes. Prepare to be astonished by the sheer skill and dedication of these rising stars!

The Two Guitar Guys: Masters of Time and Tune! 🎸🎶 [8.20-11.20 pm] Transitioning into a different realm, we welcome Jim and Adam, collectively known as ‘The Two Guitar Guys’. Seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience, they infuse their performances with expertise and a unique flavour. Their instrumental, acoustic guitar mastery spans across genres like Jazz, Latin, Flamenco, Gypsy Jazz, and contemporary melodies with a jazzy twist. As they take to the stage at 8:20 pm, you’ll be treated to five sets of pure musical magic, interwoven with 20-minute intervals. Experience the perfect blend of laid-back vibes and vibrant melodies.

An Odyssey of Jazz: Exploring the Colours of Sound 🎨 With every Jazz Open Day, we endeavour to introduce our cherished patrons to the diverse and vibrant spectrum of jazz. From young, budding talent pushing the boundaries of the genre, to seasoned professionals bringing depth and soul, our stage is set to become a canvas of musical hues and shades.

Join Us for a Night of Timeless and Contemporary Jazz! 🎉 Experience the past, present, and future of jazz at the Lincoln Jazz Cafe this Thursday, November 9th, from 5:00 pm to 11:20 pm. Be prepared to be transported through a musical journey that spans generations, styles, and emotions. From the classic sax to the mesmerising guitar, immerse yourself in an evening of pure, unadulterated jazz.

🎶 Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the evolution of jazz right before your eyes. Your seat is reserved for a night of unforgettable musical moments. See you there!

Save the date: Thursday, 9th November 2023. Doors open at 5 pm (All tickets are FREE but must be booked to secure seating. Your table will be reserved for up to 15 minutes.).

*Kindly limit each booking to one-time slot to ensure all our valued guests can savour this special event.


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09 Nov 2023


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