Charlotte Porter – Jazz Vocals – Sun 27th Oct

Lincolnshire’s darling jazz girl is back for another unforgettable performance at the Lincoln Jazz Café. Charlotte’s authentic sound and contagious personality promise an evening you won’t soon forget.

The Rachael Calladine Jazz Trio – Sun 29th Sep

Prepare to be captivated by the electrifying collaboration of top UK jazz and soul musicians Rachael Calladine, Pat McCarthy, and Andy Tytherleigh, as they join forces for an unforgettable performance. With Rachael’s soulful vocals, Andy’s virtuoso bass playing, and Pat’s intricate guitar work, this unique blend of jazz and soul influences will transport you to a world of musical magic.

The Emily Joy Jazz Duo – Sun, 25th Aug

Experience the enchanting jazz vocals of Emily Joy, accompanied by guitar, as she delivers powerful and emotive performances, leaving audiences captivated and wanting more.

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