Cocktail And Wine Bar With Live Jazz Music

Welcome to a place where art isn't just admired – it's embraced, cherished, and shared with all who walk through our doors.

Welcome to the Art at Lincoln Jazz Café, where the soulful notes of jazz harmonise with the vibrant strokes of local creativity. Nestled in the heart of Lincoln, we are more than just a cocktail and wine bar – we are a canvas for artistic expression. Our walls resonate with the passion and talent of the community, brought to life by the gifted hands of local artist Adam Stanley.

Our dedication to art runs deep, and it’s not just about the strokes on canvas; it’s about the heartbeat of the local artists who infuse their soul into every piece. We take pride in providing a platform for these talents to shine, both on our walls, inside and in our online gallery, where you can discover and acquire their masterpieces from the comfort of your own space.

The recent addition of Adam Stanley’s breathtaking mural is a testament to our commitment to transforming our space into a living, breathing gallery, inviting you to immerse yourself in a symphony of art and music. Explore the stories behind each stroke, and learn more about the artists who call our vibrant community home.


Mike Murtagh: A Life of Artistry and Adventure

Early Passion for Art: From his upbringing in Swansea, Mike Murtagh’s passion for figurative painting and drawing has been deeply ingrained. Specialising in figures and portraits, he explores a diverse range of media, from intricate pencil drawings to captivating oil paintings.

A Journey of Exploration: Murtagh’s adventurous spirit led him on a journey beyond the canvas, joining the Royal Air Force as a commissioned officer. With assignments spanning the globe, including service at the British Embassy in Moscow, his experiences shaped his perspective and enriched his artistic vision.

A Fusion of Art and Experience: Today, residing in Lincoln, Murtagh’s artwork serves as a reflection of his eclectic life, blending his love for art with his enduring passion for jazz. Through his art, Murtagh pays homage to the musical legends who have inspired him, weaving a tapestry of creativity and adventure that captivates audiences worldwide.

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