Eggs In Cocktails

Cocktails, often hailed as a creative playground for mixologists, have continuously evolved with the infusion of diverse and unexpected ingredients. Among these, the unassuming yet transformative inclusion of eggs stands out. From the nascent days of cocktail culture to the cutting-edge techniques of modern mixology, eggs have played a pivotal role, lending their unique texture and richness to libations. Embark on a historical expedition as we unravel the intriguing evolution of eggs in cocktails.

History’s First Flutters: The Dawn of Egg in Cocktails

The 19th century marked the inception of eggs in cocktails, introducing a velvety texture that intrigued pioneering mixologists. Among the earliest concoctions was the “Flip,” a simple yet tantalising blend of spirits, sugar, and a whole egg. This foundational drink became a canvas for experimentation, leading to innovative variations such as the Sherry Flip and Whiskey Flip, each offering a distinct flavour profile and character.

As cocktail culture burgeoned, so did the exploration of egg-based libations. Early bartenders discovered that the addition of egg whites imparted a luxurious frothiness to drinks. The “Gin Fizz,” popularised by influential figure Harry Johnson in his seminal work, “Bartender’s Manual,” exemplified this trend. This classic cocktail became an archetype, showcasing the versatility of egg whites by creating a delightful effervescence and silky mouthfeel.

The Trailblazers: Pioneering Mixologists and Egg Innovations

Harry Johnson, with his groundbreaking contributions to cocktail literature, and Jerry Thomas, renowned for his pioneering bartending techniques, became instrumental figures in propagating egg-based cocktails. Thomas, often dubbed the “father of American mixology,” crafted iconic drinks like the “Pisco Sour,” further cementing the egg’s prominence in libations.

These mixological pioneers not only popularised egg whites but also delved into the realm of egg yolks. Their innovative experiments birthed a new wave of cocktails, such as the “Golden Flip,” which incorporated the richness of egg yolks to provide depth and complexity to the drink. These early trailblazers laid the foundation for the enduring legacy of eggs in mixology.

Egg-cellence Reinvented: How Modern Mixology Revitalised Eggs

In contemporary times, modern mixologists have embarked on a journey to rediscover and revitalise classic recipes by infusing them with innovative twists. Eggs have regained the spotlight, with bartenders exploring beyond egg whites to incorporate whole eggs and yolks, resulting in creations like the “Ramos Gin Fizz” and the “Bourbon Sour.”

The emphasis on technique has been paramount. Bartenders employ methods such as dry shaking (shaking without ice) to optimise emulsification and achieve a luscious froth. The evolution of mixology techniques has enabled the incorporation of eggs in diverse and inventive ways, resonating with the ever-evolving palates of cocktail enthusiasts.

Egg-squisite Transformations: The Unique Role of Eggs Today

The contemporary era witnesses an unprecedented exploration of eggs in cocktails. Bartenders employ advanced techniques like reverse dry shaking, which involves shaking the ingredients with ice first and then without, resulting in a drink that boasts an unparalleled smoothness and velvety texture.

Moreover, the addition of egg yolks has become a hallmark of innovation. Cocktails like the “Golden Flip” and variations thereof showcase the richness and complexity that egg yolks can impart, catering to the discerning tastes of today’s cocktail aficionados. This renaissance of egg utilisation underscores its timeless relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of mixology.


The journey of eggs in cocktails transcends eras, from the experimental concoctions of bygone centuries to the avant-garde mixological innovations of today. The evolution from simple flips to integral components of contemporary libations showcases the enduring allure of eggs in mixology. As bartenders continue to push the boundaries of creativity, eggs remain an indispensable ingredient, adding texture, depth, and an enduring charm to cocktails across generations.

The journey of eggs in cocktails is a testament to the enduring nature of mixology, where tradition meets innovation, and humble ingredients like eggs continue to hold an esteemed place behind the bar.

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